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Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Negoro-gumi

The fighting monks of Negoro-ji temple are quite famous in Japan as one of the religious warrior orders.  You can read a little about them here.

Last weekend at the local summer festival some re-enactors (presumably associated with the temple) were demonstrating arquebus fire.  I always manage to miss the demonstration, but for some reason this year I was lucky enough to be there on time with the flip camcorder on hand. 

Here is the video, and apologies for the shakiness:

Interestingly enough, while Japanese are not generally known for their height, the outfits made these chaps all look like quite big guys, and although there were only a few of them it was easy to imagine that a larger contingent, attired in this fashion, would appear quite fearsome.


  1. Interesting post, especially for me.

    My Japanese have an option for Warrior Monks of course and mine are all armed naginata, or will be when painted. In the same command I can have Ashigaru armed with arquebus, but I hadn't considered arming monks with arquebus.

    I have been less keen to paint up Ikkō-ikki as a further variation as I would need 30 stands of Superior Horde, or Hd(S), in DBR. Cheap and cheerful to say the least!

  2. I'm glad to hear it appealed, Keith!


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