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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Reinforcements from afar...

A box of goodies arrived from the UK, today; reinforcements for my Republican Romans.  I don't really need them, but as they are mostly the now sadly out of business Strategia e Tattica range I felt compelled to respond to an advertisement placed by one of the good fellows at

I feel like a got a good deal and I hope he does as well.

Ah hah!

Some bonus gladiators.  I think I can do something with these...

The lovely Strategia e Tattica range!

A minor jumble, but nothing is damaged thanks to some good packing.  I spy some Chariot/Magister Militum 15s in here as well...

And the foot.

I'm not sure when I'll get these painted, but they will be a good project for a rainy week.  Many thanks to a stand-up trader!


  1. A good haul on minis. Didn't know Strategia e Tattica had gone under. Some of their figures are in the new Dux Bellorum Osprey book. Downer.

  2. I think the sculptor is now working with someone else and has taken some of the sculpts with him. I saw on a post at TMP that he had a range of Normans out, but I forget the name of the company that he's with. At any rate, his Dark Ages stuff might still be available, so all is not lost!

  3. Those are really nice, Aaron. A good acquisition!

  4. Hi guys, Strategia e Tattica is still operating with a new name and web site and its range Miniature Wars are now available:

  5. That's great news, Luca! Many thanks for posting and letting us know. I'll update my links.


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