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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

And that's a wash!

Had a pleasant surprise finding these at the local stationary store the other day. As I have some Greeks with pesky linen armour on the go I thought I would use them to experiment with a custom wash.

I used Future/Klear and water in a roughly 2:1 mix, and added in peat brown and black - also at about 2:1 - topping up with Klear/Water in the same ratios until the mix looked good to the eye.

Here it is slapped on a Xyston Theban. Figure on the left was undercoated gray with white drybrushed over that; figure on the right shows how it looks after the wash and before any further highlighting has been done.

It's a little bit grainy on close inspection, but a highlight and varnish should sort that out, I'd think.

Not too bad, but I might try to go thinner to see if I can keep the need for highlighting to a minimum, and in future I'll use more Future and less water to see if that will reduce the graininess.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Decorative Buildings

We went to the furniture store yesterday to pick up a new chest of drawers, and wouldn't you know it but they had some decorations in that looked quite passable for buildings.

15mm with church.

1/72 with house / store.

28mm fantasy with house.

I picked up three packs, and at $5 for the above three buildings each I thought they were a bargain!

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