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Gallery: Heroics and Ros Modern Americans

When I'm looking at tables of organisation and equipment for my micro-armour forces I find that pictures on blogs or on manufacturer's websites are a huge help in a) working out what a vehicle does, b) what it looks like, c) how it can be painted and d) who makes and sells it.  Therefore, as a kind of pay-it-forward thank you to others whose pictures and commentary have been so useful to me, I'm going to post some photos of my armies - starting with my 1970s Americans - as an aid to others looking to build similar forces.  Neither the painting nor the photography is anything special, but hopefully the gallery will be helpful to someone out there.

The name of the vehicle or item pictured is written below the image, and is followed by the Heroics and Ros code number in brackets.

As an aside, the army list can be found here on Luke Ueda-Sarson's site, and the data card is here. Luke very kindly made these up for me and if you are interested in the Cold War you can do a lot worse than take a look at Luke's Modern Spearhead homepage.

M163 Vulcan (USM29).

M901 (USM15).

M60A1 (USM03).

M60A2 Starship (USM04).

M60A3 (USM05).

M125 81mm mortar (USM54).

M113 (USM11) with combat team (from USM1 pack).

M551 Sheridan (USM09).

M35 Truck (USM40).

M728 CEV (USM33).

M60AVLB (USM37).

M577 command vehicle (USM14).

M150 (USM11 + TOW from USM17).

M109A1 155mm SPG (USM24). 

M730 Chapparal SPAA (USM31).

M106 4.2 inch mortar carrier (USM20).

Redeye team in M151s (USM39 + USM17 [no TOW used] + USM2).

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