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Paint combos

This page is intended to record some of the paint combinations I've used.  I often note things down on paper and then lose the paper, so hopefully this will serve me better!  Paints used include Tamiya, Mr. Hobby, and the wonderful Turner Acryl Gouache range.

 This is a good combination for doing straps and tunics.  Brown undercoat, buff mid coat and white highlight.

 This is my new 'eye-catching' blue.  The ultramarine is the mid coat which can be washed with the X-4 blue and a Klear/water solution if desired; highlight is the aqua blue.  It's a beautiful combination for making a figure pop.  Works well for tunic hems, saddle cloths, decorative items.

 My new 'eye-catching' red.  Use the crimson over a brown wash for the mid coat.  Follow up with permanent red highlighting.  A clear red wash can be used to smooth the combination better if needed.  Good for tunics, shields, cloaks, etc.

A yellow combination.  Mid coat with middle stone over a brown wash, highlight with cream yellow.  Quite a subtle combination.

Standard flesh mix.  Start with half red brown and half flesh.  Highlight with flesh and follow up with Tamiya flesh.  Also now have a Coat D'arms flesh ink to add to the mix, but am still experimenting.
Other options are to use a dark earth/flesh mix to give a different shade.

 Standard grey to white progression. 

For purples.  Start with X-16, highlight with grayish purple. 

Good horse coat and leather colour.  Flat brown base, midcoated with either H72 or XF-52.   Use flat earth to bring out musculature on horses if desired. 

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