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Prufrock's Wargaming Blog

Sunday, March 11, 2012

More Spanish

Here is my next batch of Spanish, which are about ready to be given a Klear coat, a spray of matt varnish, and then a good old-fashioned basing. 

These guys are a mixture of Old Glory and Chariot 15s figures and are also a combination of newly touched-up and freshly painted.  They are part of my ongoing project to clear the remnants of the Punic War era lead and bring older paint jobs up to speed with newer ones. 

Tomorrow night I'll do the Klear coats and (weather and family permitting, of course...) might be able to get the varnishing and basing done on Monday.

Will be nice to get them off the bench and onto the table at last (they've been staring at me for a while!).


  1. Wow - impressive output. They'll look great in units. Best, Dean

  2. Thanks for dropping by, Dean. Nothing like retouching some old figures to give the illusion of painting productivity ;-)



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