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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Devlan Mud

I recently picked up some Devlan Mud wash from the good folk at Brookhurst Hobbies after hearing positive things about it.  A quick post to The Miniatures Page asking how experienced types used it elicited some excellent responses and tonight I tried a little experiment.

I had some Numidian skirmishers - mostly in off-white tunics, though with the odd tan or brown in there as well - and thought I'd see how the tunics would look after a wash.

My usual washes are home brew using Future/Klear, water, a drop of hand soap and a bit of paint, but the advantages of having a ready-mixed and consistent wash to hand are pretty obvious.  Some of the tunics probably turned out a little dark so I might be a little less heavy handed in future, but base coat, wash, and highlight looks to be a good quick-and-dirty way to do them.

Here are a few shots, but please bear in mind that these figures are not yet finished so don't get too shocked by any shoddiness you may be witness to!


Anyway, I'm looking forward to doing some more product testing.


  1. I've only recently taken to using Devlan Mud and its a pretty good product. It is a bit dark so I'm learning to use it sparingly.

  2. Hi gents,

    yes, it does seem to be good stuff, and I'm pleased I took a punt. I will be watering it down in future though, unless planning on doing a dry brush over top. Not that I ever really do much in the way of dry brushing over top, mind...


  3. I use it mixed with cheap matt acrylic varnish, it both stains and protects. It is good stuff, especially when one is doing small batches and doesn't want to get the Army Painter out. Badab black can be usefulm too...

    Cheer, Simon

  4. Thanks for the tip, Simon. Will pick up some Badab black next time I'm putting in an order.


  5. Cheers, Aaron, happy staining!


  6. Never happier than when I'm staining things, Simon!


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