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Monday, May 23, 2011

Slingshot 276

Richard Taylor has just sent out an email to various newsgroups outlining the contents of  Slingshot 276, and there looks to be plenty of good material in there.  I'm particularly keen to see Jim Webster and Stewart Hey's articles, though I'm sure I will enjoy all the others as well.  Here is Richard's email again, for those who may not have seen it elsewhere:

The latest issue of Slingshot, the bi-monthly publication of the Society of Ancients, should be posted out in the next week or so.

The contents of Slingshot 276 are as follows:

The Reign of Decius, by Ike Syvanne
What Really Happened at Zama, by Stewart Hey
The Golden Age of the Franks Part 3, by Robert Heiligers
The Sdok Kok Thom Inscription, by John Walsh
The Italian Campaign of Mago, by Jim Webster
Quick Resolution for Ancient Battles, by Julian Lorriman
DBMM at Challenge, by Steve Rathgay
Double DBA, by Phil Steele
Assyrian figure review, by David Edwards
Guardroom, by Phil Barker, Mick Hession, Adrian Nayler and Alastair McBeath

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