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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Back on the paints (and glue...)

Well, after nothing much doing on the painting front since January, I knuckled down the other night to finish off some partly-done figures, and touch up some others. 

First up, four artillery pieces and six crew, all from Essex.  I made a bit of an idiot of myself when buying the crew as I'd assumed they would come in packs of eight.  Unfortunately, they didn't; so I really need to pick up another pack some time.  For the meantime I decided to base the figures individually so that I can spread them around as needed.

Second, twenty-four Old Glory Greek javelinmen.  I painted up the first lot some time ago (these are from the old packs of 50 figures), and had kept putting off doing the second batch.  They're a bit boring to paint, but it was a good chance to experiment with a few different colour combinations for tunics, and I'm pleased to have finished them.  They still need to have their shield bosses done in chrome silver, but otherwise they are ready to go onto the table. 

Finally, the touch ups: some Old Glory Apulian javelinmen which were hurriedly painted some years back.  They were pretty roughly done as I was in a hurry (not to mention being a pretty limited painter!), but this was compounded by my putting them in an old biscuit box that had a very flimsy bottom.  After they'd fallen out twice I put them in a better box, and only pulled them when I was desperate for troops...

Anyway, a couple of years later,  here they are after a touch up.  They are still not very nice to look at, but by brightening up the headbands, the tunics and the flesh they look a lot better than they did.  Shields are still crummy, but I didn't feel much desire to redo those right at this moment!

So, the painting tally for this year now stands at 118 Romans, 8 Balearic slingers, 24 Greek javelinmen, 4 artillery pieces and 6 crew, with another 48 Apulians touched up.  Hopefully this will be a good warm up for the next bout of painting...


  1. good mass effect. A real treat to the eyes in a battlefield

  2. The artillery look great. What size are they, 30 mina? How many artillerymen come in a pack? 6? I'm planning to place an order soon.

  3. Thanks gents!

    @ Sebastosfig - you've discovered my motto: more is better!

    @ Mark - they arty are Essex boltshooters, XEQ1 if I recall aright. And yes, crew in batches of 6. Wish I'd realised that at the time!


  4. I can't believe that I'm just finding your blog now. A wealth of great stuff here and I look forward to following your efforts.

  5. Thanks Iowa Grognard! I really enjoy reading your blog; perhaps you might be able to give me some tips on how to deal with a few OG Romans that are scheduled to turn up here fairly soon...


  6. Thanks. I reckon XEQ1 is weedier; I got one when I bought an unpainted DBA army.

  7. That's odd Mark; this XEQ1 on the Essex site is the one I ordered, I think:

    Maybe they've mixed up the packs somewhere along the line?

  8. Sorry, you're right. I got them mixed up with the XEQ11, which are very small!


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