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Monday, January 14, 2013

Quick and easy disruption/casualty markers

I recently made some disruption markers to fit in with the terrain for my January project game.  The rules required two types of disorder marker, so I decided to try out an idea I had.

Step one: buy a 100 pack of plastic screw covers at the hardware store (¥380).

Step two: divide them into two sets, drilling one hole in the first set of forty, and two holes in the second set of sixty.

Step three: cut thin wire into lengths that approximate the arrow and javelin sizes for the scale you are using.

Step four: insert these lengths into the holes and glue in place, taking care that the screw covers will sit flat.

Screw tops drilled, some with 'javelins' inserted and glued.

Step five: take long sip of beer, and another for good measure.

The tools of the trade...

Step six: spray paint all in a suitable dark green.

Step seven: paint javelins / arrows brown.

Step eight: apply flock, avoiding getting it on the javelins themselves, as far as possible.

Flock and spray paint of choice.
Step nine: put on table as needed.

In theory...

Step ten: have another sip of beer (it was the holiday season, after all!).

So there you have it, markers in nine easy steps - or seven if you omit the beer and the playing!  

I was not sure how they'd look, but they ended up being functional, easy to handle and durable.  They were easy to see without sticking out like a sore thumb, so they were about what I wanted in a marker.

Any comments or suggestions for improvements most welcome. 


  1. quite clever, and no reason why you need to stop at only 2 arrows/disruption points.

  2. Simple and effective, and so much better than the beads and dice I use. I think I'll need to snag this idea. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks James, and please do, John. I'll be glad if it's useful!

  4. I was so impressed during the game, I've decided to make my own variant (using Shapeways 3-d printing) - 6mm diameter Macedonian shields that will have a pre-cast hole for one or two javelins. Don&t know how they wll tun out, but they'll be cheap enough to experiment with.

  5. Will look forward to seeing how they turn out, Luke.


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