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Thursday, September 13, 2012

50,000 hits and a celebratory giveaway

After a couple of years blogging we are approaching the milestone of 50,000 hits.   I'm fairly sure that some of them have even come from people other than me (!), so to thank you all I'm going to do a giveaway.

Before we get to the details, I'd just like to say that while this blog's primary function is to keep a record of my wargaming activities, it has also proved to be a significant motivator in helping me to get more figures painted - and these done to a less shameful quality than I was previously accustomed to.

As good as this is, by far the most gratifying by-product of blogging has turned out to be the connections built up with gamers all around the world.   It is a constant inspiration to see what others are up are up to and to have people drop by here to take a look and/or comment is very encouraging.

So, to cut to the chase, as a thank you to all the folks who visit me here, I'm going to do a humble but heartfelt celebratory giveaway.

The winner will have a choice of two items.  For those who like boardgames there is a lightly used but complete copy of GMT's Guilford, the third volume in Mark Miklos' Battles of the American Revolution series.  It's a nice little game containing two scenarios and uses quite an interesting battle mechanism.  The counters are all punched, bagged, and neatly clipped.  It's probably not something you'll want to play every night, but you might get a few good games out of it.

If boardgames are not your thing, you can instead take the poorer cousin: a set of EM4 Miniatures' Old West Heroes.  The box is slightly beaten up, but it contains five pre-painted 28mm figures, rules, and a CD-R with files for a printable western town.  The pre-paints are not going to win the Golden Demon, but they're not bad, and it looks to be a useful set if you like Wild West gaming and light-ish rules.

To be in the draw, there are two things you have to do:

1) be (or become) a follower here, and
2) leave a comment on this post saying what your favourite board and miniatures games are.

If you are a follower here but have changed your user name, profile or photo since you became one, you can always 'recommit' to be sure that I don't overlook you by mistake.

Once we get to 50,000 hits, the dice will be consulted to find a winner.  I will then announce the result here and ask him or her to contact me privately with a name and postal address and to indicate which item they would prefer.  After that I will send the game or figures off, hopeful that they will arrive in one piece, but conveniently avoiding all liability if they do not!

The dice roll will of course be done fairly, but people I recognize as especially valued visitors will get the equivalent of two entries in the draw.

There we have it.

Thanks very much again to everyone who has dropped in here over the past couple of years, and good luck!


  1. Congratulations, count me in for the prepainted miniatures!


  2. Congratulations on reaching 50K. I'll put my name in the hat. Favorite board game: Risk, Favorite miniatures game Warhammer 3rd Ed. I would be perfectly happy with either prize, were I lucky enough to win.

  3. A great milestone. Well done, matey! Favourite board game is Ludo (a family favourite on holiday). Put me down for the boardgame.

    1. Wow super congrats for the 50k milestone!!! My favorite board game is: Paths of Glory, my favorite miniatures ruleset is: Lost Battles. Set me for board games :)

  4. That's a lot of hits almost Cult status :-)
    Fav BG Squad Leader
    Fav Minis Game Piquet

    Guildford for me please


  5. Well done Aaron! 50,000 is no mean feat. I have the Lost Battles book, the updated rules from the boardgame, read all your posts on it, read all the yahoo posts but have yet to play a game. I think I may have to find a VASSAL opponent if I want to play!

    I am already an (avid) follower.

    Favourite boardgame would be Empire of the Middle Ages. I used to play boardgames almost exclusively during the late 80s and 90s but have not played for over 10 years now. I am hoping to get back into boardgames over the next few years.

    Favourite miniature game is Armati 2 (still, although other are getting good at competing for this title).

    I must admit that I starting blogging just to post replays to a level of detail I was looking for. I never expected, like you mentioned in the post, that I would be joining a great community of gaming bloggers from around the world.

  6. Congrats on the 50k only 450 to go. I'd love to enter the competition. I'm not usually a board game player but thanks to Sgt Steiner I may well be soon, I'm hopefully going to win an ebay auction for, No Peace without Spain, a WSS board game. My favourite wargame has got to be the 7YW ruleset Wargames in the Age of Reason. If I was to win I'd like the Guildford board game. Cheers!!!

  7. Thanks guys, you're all entered,

    BTW, it seems that some people may be having trouble commenting here due to browser/blogger problems. If that's you and you want to enter, drop me a line at prufrock DOT japan AT gmail DOT com and give me your follower name and I'll enter you into the draw myself.

    Cheers, all!

  8. Hope you get the magic 50K - I can only dream of such numbers when I start my blog....

    Fav BG - Napoleon's Last Battles
    Fav Wargame - WRG ECW rules
    Fav BG / Wargame - Space Hulk

  9. Congratulations Aaron! Your blog is likewise a great inspiration to me. My favorite boardgame: anything Lock 'n Load (right now it's Forgotten Heroes: Vietnam) and my favorite minis game would have to be Axis and Allies miniatures. Thanks and keep the blog posts comin'!

  10. Congratulations Aaron!
    Your AARs are always an interesting and amusing reading, even if I can occasionally show up in some of them, usually as the loser :)

    I never played with minis, so no preference, and actually I have several preferred titles among wargames; so I'll sum up my preference in a "system" instead of choosing a single game: card-driven games !

    I'm in for Giulford then.

  11. ...and we have a winner! DadExtraordinaire, AKA Marcus Maximus. Congratulations, and I will be in touch about getting your address and such like.

    To all who took the time comment, thanks very much for reading and contributing. I hope to make prizes something a little more regular in future, so there may be more chances to come.

    Again, many thanks to you all for continuing to drop by here :)

    Best wishes,


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