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Saturday, September 1, 2012

20 Wargaming Questions

I've enjoyed reading the "20 wargaming questions" posts from bloggers around the traps, so I thought I'd have a go at answering them myself.

1. Favourite wargaming period and why?  The answer has to be ancients. Not only have I 'invested' in a fair whack of figures, but there are lots of interesting rules sets and armies that will suit every type of player.  It helps that there are plenty of bloggers to draw inspiration from and a fellow enthusiast only a couple of hours from here.

Basically, I just love the history and colourful characters of the period.

2. Next period, money no object?  Marlburian / Seven Years War Imagi-Nations in 25mm using old school rules.  Ideally, figures would be painted (in prodigious numbers) for me by a first-rate company located somewhere in Asia, based singly, and games would be enjoyed with beverages and cigars in a large, tastefully decorated games room with at least six of the finest wargaming fellows known to man present at each occasion...

3. Favourite five films?  Hmm, tough one.  Have to cheat and make this five sessions, I think:

The Godfather (I and II)
The Departed and No Country for Old Men (uplifting double feature!)
The Deerhunter and Shadowlands (ditto...)
Dazed and Confused and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
This is Spinal Tap and The Song Remains the Same...

4. Favourite five TV series?

Band of Brothers
Fawlty Towers
The Sopranos
The Simpsons (1990s period)

5. Favourite book and author?  Really tough.  Probably W.B. Yeats's Collected Poems.

6. Greatest general (with all due modesty!)?  Caesar, for me.  Made too many mistakes to be the greatest tactical general, but a masterful leader of men.  His boldness and ability to inspire was extraordinary.

7. Favourite wargames rules?  Day in and day out, it would be Lost Battles.

8. Favourite sport and team?  I am a New Zealander.  There can be only one answer!

9. If you had a 'use one time only' time machine, when and where would you go?  Hmm, on a military theme, Pickett's Charge.  I'd probably never want to wargame again after seeing it though!

10. Last meal on death row?   Steak and cheese pie and chips washed down with a pint of Black Mac.

11. Fantasy relationship and why?  Eva Green...

12. If your life were a movie, who would play you?  Probably Jabba the Hutt!

13. Favourite comic superhero?  Asterix.

14. Favourite military quote?  My grandfather once told me that anyone who says he wasn't scared was crazy or a liar.  I think it's hard to top that.

15. Historical destination to visit?  Gettysburg.

16. Biggest wargaming regret?  That I haven't been able to play Lost Battles in miniature with my old man and my brothers.  Hopefully that will be remedied some time in the future.

17. Favourite fantasy job?  Atilla the Hun's fermented mare's milk taster...

18. Top five songs?

Ten Years Gone   Led Zeppelin

A Million Miles Away  Rory Gallagher

Echoes  Pink Floyd

Buckets of Rain  Bob Dylan

No Quarter, live  Led Zeppelin

19. Favourite wargaming moment?  Introducing my old man to Commands & Colors: Ancients on a trip home to NZ, and then the next time I talk to him finding out he'd gone and bought the first two sets!

20. What upsets you?  My own competitiveness.  I have moments of rules-lawyerness and can get very annoyed with myself if I make stupid mistakes.  When I reflect back on those moments I feel slightly ashamed of myself.  But then I just blame the rules and the feeling soon passes ;-)


  1. Great answers! love the quote from your Grandad, and Football, what a great sport ;0)


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