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Friday, January 20, 2012

Planning for a Modern Spearhead game

My wargaming buddy in Osaka, Luke, is putting on a game of Modern Spearhead for me at his this weekend.  We'll be using Keith McNelly's scenario generation system and Luke's newly painted Czechs and Poles, with me taking the Poles this time around.  This will be the third MS game we've played, but the first with figures, and I'm very much looking forward to it.

Moderns has not been my area in the past but I've warmed to it and after spending the best part of a week with my army OOB and the rules I haven't any excuse for putting up a bad show.  It's been a challenge working out how the various weapons systems interact, but I'm thoroughly enjoying myself (and feeling like I'm learning a thing or two to boot).

Here's the map that Luke has sent me of the battlefield (click to see a larger image).  Each square is 12" x 12".  We will be fighting over five objectives: the two towns on the river, the two road-junction towns, and (exceedingly kindly!) the hill in the centre of my position.  It will be a meeting engagement, so both sides will be on the attack.

Luke's Czechs will have four smallish battalions of tanks, one of these being T55s and T72s and the other three being obsolete T34s and SD100s.  They also have three battalions of combat teams in OT-64s.   Opposing this my Poles have a regiment of T55s (20 of them!), three battalions of combat teams in BWP-1s and another smallish battalion of T55s.  There is also a Polish recon battalion, but we may dump that to try to make up for the poor quality of the Czech tanks.

Right now I'm working out what support platoons should be attached to which battalions and thinking about what my initial orders will be.

Luke has a knack for putting together beautiful battlefields, so no matter whether I do OK or slink away with my tail between my legs, the game will be a spectacle!


  1. I look forward to hearing how the game plays out. Will the elite Poles in their BMP's cause havoc against the poorly equipped Czechs, or will they be overrun by the Czech horde?

    I believe I heard you have some unpainted Americans?

  2. He'll be picking up those Americans at the game, since they are currently at my place - a brigade of them is worth an entire Czech division, so my Czechs will have to get used to making their numbers count.

    The Poles aren't exactly "elite" - they have some Green battalions as well, I will just have slightly more, and not as well equipped in terms of fighting troops; however the Czech support troops are a bit better; we are playing 1979, and they have access to M-46 guns for counterbattery work for example, as opposed to A-19s.

    In terms of the points system Keith has made, it will be 1016 of Poles to 991 Czechs; however, I think the "real" difference is more than this, because I can't see how a T34-85 can possibly be worth 18 points if a T55A is worth 19, when the T55 is a whole 4 factors better in a shoot out; 2 better attack, 2 better defence!

    Anyway, this is the first game I will be playing for many months due to some horrible work commitments of late, now ending, so I'm raring to go.

    Next project - some catafracts to expand my Hellenistic hordes to take on Aaron's Romans for some Magnesia simulations...

  3. Yes Keith, there's what I imagine will be a reasonably heavy box waiting for me at the Lukian abode! Hopefully this will give me the boost I need to get started on the painting.

    Speaking of which, Luke has been putting me to shame with his efforts of late, and this despite his demanding work schedule! I seem to spend more time browsing and buying than painting at the moment...


  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Over time you get use to the fact that other people can paint and even game more than you can yourself. I had plans for lots of painting and plenty of gaming over Christmas including some WWII SH games against my son.

    Alas my plans did not come to pass. That said I did finish a DBA army for my him for Christmas which he then continued to beat me with repeatedly!


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