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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Old Glory Spanish on the painting table

I've been working the last few nights on some Old Glory Spanish caetrati and scutari for the Punic War era to get my Carthaginians up to scratch and provide some additional allies for the Romans.  These are some of the caetrati; although they need another couple of things done, they're almost there:

The scutari only need their shields painted and the spearheads done, but it's a bigger job as I've got 48 older figures (ie, from earlier on in my painting career...) that need to be brought up to standard to blend in with them.  It will be good to have these finished and the older figures a bit more presentable.  There should be some nice variety once they're all mixed in together.

Here then are some of those scutari (there are a few other bits and pieces in the background as well, but we'll ignore those for the moment!):

So that's the latest on the table.  I'm trying to get all my Spanish finished so that I can cross them off the list once and for all and get started on other things.

My Tin Soldier Gauls arrived today and they are very impressive indeed - though the horses are massive!


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