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Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 painting review

As 2012 kicks off I thought I'd look back and see how the painting output for 2011 stacked up.  There was quite a bit of progress early in the year, then a bit of a drop off as I focused on the reorganisation and touching-up of some older figures.  After a hiatus while we got used to a new addition to the household (and while my spare time was taken up with email games of 'A Victory Lost' and 'Thunder and the Crossroads'...), there was another wee surge just prior to the end of year.

Let's see how it went...

182 Roman foot and 19 cavalry
24 Greek javelinmen
8 slingers
4 boltshooters and 6 crew
56 Carthaginian foot, 13 cavalry and 1 elephant
3 Spanish foot and 4 Spanish cavalry.

The overall totals for 2011 were therefore 279 foot/crew, 36 cavalry, 4 boltshooters and 1 elephant.  That's a few more than I expected, and as there were also a couple of hundred figures that got retouched, I'm pretty happy with that!

For comparison's sake, the 2010 totals were 64 foot/crew, 95 cavalry, 8 chariots and 8 elephants.

Now of course I need to think about what's to come...

(Readers may note that I steered well clear of tallying up how much lead I may have bought this year!)

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