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Friday, February 3, 2012

(Note the edit!) Comparing Tin Soldier and Xyston Gallic Infantry

In response to some interest shown in the last post on Gauls, here are some photos showing Xyston and Tin Soldier Gauls in close proximity. 

Do note though that I'm using the older packs of Xyston Gauls (18250 and 18251, now recombined into 20036).  I don't know what the ones from the newer packs are like.  If you want the Xyston packs I have, go to Brookhurst Hobbies which has them on special at the moment.

Tin Soldier chaps are on the ends with square bases; Xyston in the centre with oval bases. 

You'll notice that there's actually quite a bit of variety in height between the tallest and the shortest of the Xyston.  The taller ones are an almost perfect match for the Tin Soldier fellows; the shorter Xyston are a little smaller.

In this picture below you can see the difference between a TS standard and Xyston's shortest. (2nd and 3rd figures from the right, respectively).

And again, without the foreshortening.

Some shots from the rear...

Swords are of the same length, and shields match very well.  In the picture below the top row of shields is all Xyston, the bottom TS.

For my money the two ranges go together very well.  I've gone for a ratio of about 5 packs of TS for every 2 of Xyston, and am pretty sure I'll be very happy with the finished army.  If you want a price comparison, TS are GBP 2 a pack, Xyston are GBP 3.50.

Be warned that for cavalry all bets are off - you can't mix 'em, it's as simple as that.  Tin Soldier are close to 20mm (In fact I would have no problems using them with other 20mm) and the Xyston seem a little smaller than their own infantry.

Here's a link to the TS page showing the various figures they have in their Gallic range.

Any questions or any other shots you'd like to see, fire away!

EDIT - a chap on TMP vigorously disagrees with my assessment, so I took another look.

Here are shots of more of the TS figures mixed in with Xyston (TS have the square bases):

He is partly right - the armoured TS Gauls are definitely bigger than the other sets in their range and do not mix well with the Xyston.  Those are packs C3 & C4.  I still maintain the other packs are a good mix; though the wide-faced fellows of C10 and C11 may not be everyone's cup of tea.

So, I recommend packs C5, C9, C12 unhesitatingly.  Packs C8, C10 and C11 suit me but may not suit others.  Packs C3 and C4 are probably too big.  The naked Gaesati types I don't know, as I didn't pick any up.

Thanks to General Montcalm for his thoughts!


  1. Really interesting! The TS are nothing like I would have expected!

  2. I know what you mean, Mark. The TS Gauls are quite different from their Hellenistics, for example!

  3. Well, excellent and instructive shots. Thanks mate. Now, do I really need more Gauls...

  4. Please see edited section before placing any orders, gentlemen!



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