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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Basic Impetus Republican Romans

This is the second Basic Impetus army that I've been putting together.  These are based around a core of hastati and principes from Lancashire Games supplemented by trairii from Museum Miniatures,  cavalry from (I think) Minifigs and velites from Chariot and Strategia e Tattica.  As for the slingers, I don't know which make they are.

All of these figures barring the velites were in ebay lots that I've purchased at various times, so they had already been painted.  I replaced a few broken weapons, touched up a few figures, added highlights and generally tidied them up before basing them.

Again, I was able to keep to my stated aim of making these armies from miniatures I already had about the place and which I didn't need or didn't use.  So, here are the shots.

The infantry. The hastati and principes are mixed in together on the bases.  Velites and Balearic slingers are in the foreground; triarii are to the rear.

Cavalry of the right.  I think these fellows are Minifigs, and same for the Numidians behind them.

The cavalry of the left.

A closer look at the velites.

A standard...

The lot of them.

There are nine heavy cavalry, two light cavalry, nine light infantry and fifty-five heavy infantry in this lot.  This should give a few decent options for games using Basic Impetus.  They could even be used as Caesarians with a few additions here and there...

(Many thanks to Andy McMaster and "Swampster" from TMP in helping me identify some of these figures, and to "Iosart" and "Tarantella" - also from TMP - for kindly providing suggestions on how to base these fellows )


  1. That's a nice looking army, you've got there!

  2. They came out very nicely! Well done.

  3. Thanks for your comments, gentlemen! I'm just finishing off the Carthaginians now, so will be posting pictures of them in the coming days...


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