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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Some figures I need help identifying

These extra figures were included in an ebay purchase I made recently and I'm trying to work out what they might be.  They are Romans or Italian allies - and are of course in 15mm - but apart from that I don't have much clue.  Any help would be appreciated!

First up we have the line troops - triarii, principes, hastati:

Then we have the command group:

And finally, a shot of them all together:

Please excuse the poor photography - I'm doing this at work!


  1. top pic, left is a museum miniatures triarii,

    Not sure on others. None match any MRR I have.


  2. The other two in that pic MAY be Lancashire games...

  3. Excellent! Cheers, Andy. A fellow on TMP has confirmed that the others are indeed Lancashire, so all are accounted for :)

    Thanks again!


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