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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Slow progress with the Roman cavalry

I've made unexpectedly slow progress with the Roman cavalry this last week.  I'd expected to knock them off in a couple of days, but I've been using a different system from usual and haven't really clicked with it.  For various reasons it has been taking a lot longer than I thought - with some false steps along the way to compound the problem. 

Still, we're getting there, so I thought I'd post progress shots in an attempt to motivate myself to finish them off...

Again, the figures are Strategia e Tattica.  I don't like their cavalry as much as I do their infantry so far, although I'll reserve final judgement on that score until the figures are done.

They still need highlights for the cloaks, tunics and tack, a wash for the horses, a flesh highlight, with a touch up here and there to follow for a few little things.  Scipio (in the middle) needs some special treatment, so he is not as close to completion as the others.

Once the painting itself is done, there will be the usual two coats of Future/Klear, and the matt varnish. 

I will be heaving a sigh of relief when these chaps are finally done!


  1. No! you won't take Carthage! your cavalry looks too good to be efficient on a battlefield ^^

  2. I think they're really nice figures, they look a little like Donnington figure from here in the UK. I like the bald chap, I suppose that's the Scipio figure. Very nicely done!!!

  3. I know exactly what you mean - somehow it takes dogged resolution to bring a Roman army to completion. Which seems somehow appropriate!

  4. Thanks gents: the push worked - they're now finished! Your comments gave me the oomph needed to do the remainder. Thanks very much!

    @ Seb - lol! They are wealthy fops after all!

    @ Ray - Yes, that's Scipio :) I don't know Donnington, unfortunately. Their shipping is prohibitatively expensive for overseas customers trying to keep to some sort of budget!

    @ Paul - Too right - but going by all your lovely figures that must make you a real sucker for punishment ;-)

    Thanks again!



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