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Prufrock's Wargaming Blog

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Painting: Romans and Carthaginians

Here's a shot of the Old Glory Marians I picked up off ebay and mentioned in my last post.  There are quite a lot of Romans, and I must confess to being a little tired of leveraging metal men off metal bases!

Things have been a bit Romano-centric here of late, so I thought I would also post shots of a newly-done unit of Punic citizen infantry to prove irrefutably, finally, and once and for all that - insofar as figures are concerned - I don't have a one-track mind... 

These fellows are from Magister Militum's Chariot range, and have been given a very basic paint job to match 8 other bases of the same done a few years ago. 

Well, I'm off now to nurse an almighty toothache, courtesy of a few suppressed wisdom teeth!


  1. Now that's a lead mountain to be proud of

  2. Takes me back to how I started out, Paul - with Matchbox figures ;-)


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