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Prufrock's Wargaming Blog

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Roman Cavalry done, and thanks to you all!

It is amazing how much of a motivating factor blogging has become in my painting and gaming over the past year or so!  Post a few snaps of half-finished figures, receive some kind comments from worthy readers and a painting project that was bogged down suddenly no longer seems such a chore :)

I really must say thank you very much to all who read these ramblings, and offer especial thanks to those who leave a comment now and then.  It's greatly appreciated, and goes a long way towards making up for the lack of local wargamers!

So, some shots of the finished Strategia e Tattica figures, prior to their Future/Klear coats...

Scipio sends his regards to you all...


  1. They really came together, nice job.

  2. Thanks, Iowa Grognard. It's a relief to have them done, to be honest.


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