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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Modern Spearhead game

I was fortunate enough to have - for the first time - *two* gaming buddies down for a gaming session on Sunday, during which we gave Modern Spearhead a run.  The battle was set c.1980, with the West Germans attempting to see off a combined Soviet / Czech assault.  As the NATO player I put in a somewhat flawed performance, and my opponents were in no mood to let me off lightly.  Three of my four battalions had broken by the eighth turn, and the other had only just arrived on table, too late to turn the tide.  At close I controlled none of the five objectives and had only broken one weak Czech battalion in return.  I think that's called a 16-1 loss!

I forgot to take any photographs, but Luke did a fantastic job with the table and apart from the fact that we were using counters instead of miniatures it really looked the part.  It was Pat's first game of Modern Spearhead but he handled himself with aplomb, with his flank march in particular still giving me nightmares!

The organisation was a bit last-minute, and Luke did some sterling work getting the OOBs for the game, a task made far more difficult by our having misplaced the TO&E tables and data cards.  Fortunately, the files section on the Spearhead yahoo group turned up some useful material and we were able to get things underway after all.

Despite my incompetent handling of the gallant Germans I thoroughly enjoyed the game and learned some valuable lessons from it.  Hopefully I'll remember them for next time!  A copy of the rules will be arriving from On Military Matters sometime this week or next, so I'll look forward to filling in some of the gaps in my knowledge and being a bit more on the ball next time we play.

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