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Monday, November 1, 2010

Painting tallies updated

Well, it has been a successful six week's worth of painting by my standards. Since late September the output has been 16 eastern horse archers, 4 scythed chariots, 2 mounted generals and 36 Successor heavy cavalry. I also did a fair bit of touch up work on 18 Poeni and 21 Roman cavalry.
It's pleasing that the tiresome work I did earlier in the year prepping batches of horses has paid off, allowing me to churn out cavalry regularly and in pretty decent sized lots of late. The Successor cavalry was expecially speedy, needing only a week.

So here is the full list for 2010 so far:

12 Celtiberian scutarii (OG).
4 Carthaginian four-horse chariots, 12 crew (Chariot).
8 Successor elephants, 24 crew, (Chariot) 6 supporting skirmishers (OG).
1 mounted Successor general (OG).

18 Thracian medium cavalry (OG).
18 Illyrian light horse (OG).
12 Tarentine cavalry (Chariot).

4 Seleucid scythed chariots (Chariot).
16 eastern horse archers (OG).
36 Successor heavy cavalry (OG, with a few Essex and Xyston figures thrown in).
2 mounted Successor generals (Xyston).

Older figures made presentable:

18 Carthaginian Poeni cavalry (Chariot).
21 Republican Roman cavalry (manufacturer unknown).

One could just about say that 2010 has been the year of the horse!

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