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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Scythed Chariots finished at last

Finally, and after more than two weeks on the table, the scythed chariots are finished!  The models are from Magister Militum's Chariot 15mm range, and I found them very good to paint.  I don't like assembling chariots very much but I have to admit that I like the finished products.

I actually put a bit of time and thought into colours and what not for these fellows so that each chariot, driver and team could be individual while still clearly being part of a pair.  I'm quite pleased with the results, and it helped that this was the second lot of chariots I'd done.  I was able to avoid a number of the mistakes made first time around.  I did manage a new and unique muck up though; I've mounted the things and flocked their bases without having yet sprayed them with matt varnish.  I'm going to spend a fair whack of time shaking off excess flock before I pull out the spray that's for sure, and I hope that the flock doesn't go all clumpy on me from the moisture.

Oh well, what can you do.  It wouldn't be a proper hobby project without some problem of my own making :)

Anyway, here they are in all their just-finished and shiny glory:

And another shot close up so that the detail on the models can be seen.  This one's a bit dark unfortunately, but you can still get a reasonable idea of what they look like.

Next up on the table should be Normans and Saxons for DBA, but you never know, something else might slip in there first...

For reference, the code for these models is LAC007 Scythed Chariot.

Here's a link to their page on on the Magister Militum website:


  1. Magister chariot cannot hold the candle to yours. Give them your pictures and they will increase sales!!

  2. Very nice! I've got a scythed chariot from Freikorp15 which is a way down the list of things to paint; I'll be interested to see how it compares.

  3. Nicely done! Have you thought about adding in some reins with a bit of thread? Had a friend do it and it added a nice touch, but it could drive one mad doing it;-)

  4. Mark - I don't know Freikorp15 figures, so I'd be interested to see it when it's done too.

    Kevin - I did briefly think about adding reins, but 'briefly' turned out to be the operative word!


  5. one challenge with this lot is the moulding line roundt he wheel which is really hard to remove.


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