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Thursday, September 16, 2010

It's almost priming season...

The weather here is starting to turn from stinking hot and humid to pleasantly variable, which means that it's time to get the cans of spray primer out.  My first priority is to fill out my Successor armies and to get some of my recently purchased DBA armies primed and ready to go.  Of the DBA armies, Normans and Saxons will be first up, but I have to get my hands on some painting guides or books so that I don't make a complete mess of things...

Anyway, now's a good time to take stock of where I'm at.  This is the painting tally for this year so far:

12 Celtiberian scutarii (OG).
4 Carthaginian four-horse chariots, 12 crew (Chariot).
8 Successor elephants, 24 crew, (Chariot) 6 supporting skirmishers (OG).
1 mounted general (OG).
18 Thracian medium cavalry (OG).
18 Illyrian light horse (OG).
12 Tarentine cavalry (Chariot).
This is what's partly finished or on the table:
24 Celtiberians with spear (OG).
18 generic horse archers (OG).
120+ Confederate infantry (Italeri, Esci, Revell, RSM).
There is also a lot of stuff sitting already primed in boxes that I hope to get round to some time, but Lord knows when that will happen...


  1. Here in Tokyo it's been much the same- two months without being able to use any kind of spray. Even just brush painting, in the summer heat with a hot lamp overhead, was not a lot of fun.

    It's always a joy to read about your ancient games and armies. It really makes me want to give my Late Romans an outing one day!

  2. Hi Robert, thanks for your kind words. I had the paint brushes out for a week prior to my last game session, but it wasn't very pleasant. The summer beer is a better companion than the summer paint pot, you might say!

    I've been enjoying reading about the continuing recruitment of your Soviets. Would love to see pictures of your late Romans if you have any to post, though I don't imagine they quite fit the Soviet theme!


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