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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A figure game (finally...)

In preparation for a C&C:A tournament game I recently set up and played through the Edessa scenario from the 4th Expansion, Imperial Rome. I have no figures suitable for that era, so transposed it back in time to Hispania, c. 210BC, with Sharpur's Sassanids masquerading as Carthaginians and Polybian Romans filling in for Valerian's men. Here are a couple of shots of the board prior to the battle, first looking from the Roman side:

And second looking smack down the middle. The shots were a bit limited, but my gaming/painting/storage room is embarrassingly cluttered, so I tried to avoid getting unnecessary muck in the shots!

And a third from closer in, showing the nasty array of cavalry facing the Roman left:

The Romans don't have much going for them in this scenario. They have only four cards against six and one leader against two; they are outclassed in cavalry and their heavy infantry units are opposed by elephants and subject to the 'Fright at First Sight' rule which makes said jumbos even more fearsome than usual. Good fun for the masochists :)


  1. hey Aaron,

    Is that board home made or did you buy it? It looks really nice! If home made, do tell how?!


  2. Hi John, thanks for the interest! Yup, it's home made. I have a better one made of flocked cork hexes but it's real pain to set up, so I whipped this one up for quick set up/take down.

    I have a 1200x900mm cork bulletin board which fits neatly over my little table, and then I put whichever cover I need at the time on top of it.

    In this case it's a piece of off-white carpet cut to fit, spraypainted browns, greens and yellows, and with hexes (86mm flat-to-flat) added using a template of drilled marker holes in 3mm plywood. It only took a night to get it done, but unfortunately it looks a lot better in the photos that it does in real life! In real life it's quite dark, but it serves its purpose, I guess!



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