Prufrock's Wargaming Blog

Prufrock's Wargaming Blog

Monday, April 12, 2010


Things have been a bit quiet on the blogging front of late due mainly to alterations in the domestic schedule. I've not done any gaming or painting these past two weeks, but I have been getting some hobby-related writing done these last few days, thankfully. Once that is completed it will be time to finish writing up the report for Pharsalus II. In anticipation of a bright near future, I have tidied up the hobby room so that there should be room for both painting and gaming - though the former is more urgent as the heat of summer threatens to hit. Once summer comes the paint dries up almost as soon as it's out of the pottle, and sometimes even before the pottle is opened. Time is short, and there is much to be done! On this note, I would like to finish by wishing our friends in the UK currently gearing up for Zama at Bletchley and Salute all the very best. Take a look at the blogs 'BigRedBatCave' and 'Caliban' linked to on the left to see what I mean!

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