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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Successor elephants

As mentioned in an earlier post, I have a few bits and pieces that need to get painted up. Readers may recall my griping about having flaked off the paint of some elephant trunks as I foolishly tried to bend them AFTER painting. I began the repair job last night, and you can see the first stage on this jumbo here. If you look very closely you might be able to see that I've applied a new undercoat to a section of the trunk and will be washing and dry-brushing it to (hopefully) have it match the rest of the hide.

This is a shot of all eight of the beasts. They're nice looking models from the Chariot 15mm range sold by Magister Militum in the UK. I really like the Chariot elephants, and I have four Carthaginian elephants from them, too. You can see that the coverings and the howdahs have been stained with a 'browner' version of my magic brown wash. I intend to do two or three of the howdahs to look whitewashed, while one or two will be painted to resemble wood. The coverings will be in a variety of colours. I may even pattern one or two of them, but that's probably getting a bit ambitious given my mediocre skills!


  1. These look nicely detailed; they remind me of the 1st Corps elephants in 25mm. I'm avoiding elephants at the moment, myself - too many other things to do for a while!


  2. Thanks for dropping by, Paul. I don't think I'd be too keen on painting up jumbos in 25mm -they're work enough in 15mm!



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