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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Vendors and Manufacturers

Today I saw a thread on The Wargames Website asking how many manufacturers people had bought from and thought that making a list of my own here would be a good post to follow my last. Unlike the TWW thread, I'm including vendors used as well.

Here we go then:

Magister Militum (Chariot 15mm figures)
Old Glory 15s, Last Square (Old Glory 15mm figures)
EM4 (Corvus Belli figures)
Essex (Essex 15mm figures)
Quick Reaction Force (Friekorps 15mm figurs)
Tin Soldier (Tin Soldier 15mm figures)
Black Hat Miniatures (Black Hat 15mm figures)
Xyston, Brookhurst Hobbies, North Star (Xyston 15mm figures)
Strategia e Tattica, Strategia Nova, North Star Miniatures (Miniature Wars 15mm figures)
Donnington Miniatures (Donnington 15mm figures)

Navwar (1:3000 naval models)
Heroics and Ros (6mm figures and models)

Dayton Painting Consortium (RSM 95 20mm figures)

So that's 13 figure lines brought through 18 vendors. At least two of the vendors have since gone under, but the others are still going strong so far as I know.

I do have figures other manufacturers' figures in my collection as well of course, but theysewere picked up in private deals or from B&M shops.

I would wager that I use fewer manufacturers than most other wargamers, but the ones I do use I tend to go back to for more!


  1. I am guessing the size compatibility of those is pretty close, do you take your favoured Xyston as your favoured size and then choose the manufacturers that fit around them?

    I bought some Chariot 15mm Napoleonics from Magister in the summer and I asked Richard how supported his range was if I were to start buying properly and he said that they had engaged a sculptor to fill in the gaps, but using the same size and importantly, style, of the originals. I thought that was good.

    1. Hi Norm, I actually started with Chariot, so everything has followed on from there! Xyston Greeks and Macedonians I love for their character and detail, but the later sculpts have lost me a bit.

  2. This year or all time? I think I could manage remembering this year, but past that I would be pressed.

    When you start writing it down it does make you think.


    1. Hi Kevin, I don't order often, but when I do it's usually a bit of a monster, so I tend to remember them. In Japan it's not like a person can pop down to the local hobby shop and grab a few packs of something as needed, unfortunately :D


  3. Thanks, here is the original topic:

  4. I certainly have used way more manufacturers and vendors than that, even staying strictly with 25/28mm scale.


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