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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

AMW unit roster card

As a follow up to a recent experiment with Ancient and Medieval Wargaming, I decided to make a quick unit roster card template to cut down on the need for on-table markers.

The plan (obviously!) is to print these out on blank business cards, place them behind the table edge, and use them to keep track of hits, special rules, etc.

Eagle eyed viewers will note that this is very plain. I would like to pretend this was planned to save on printing ink, but the gruesome truth is that I'm very bad at getting things like this to look nice...


  1. Those like quite nice Aaron! Good to see that old game getting some love again.

    Re: super-elephants, I remember playing a game with you online. Indians v Macedonians. I took only 2 of the three elephants for the Indians and that was quite enough. I think we even had a discussion on the AMW Group and I suggested something and even got a "that's what i do answer" but for the life of me I can't remember what! :D

    1. Kind of you to say so, John! Yes, that was a fun game. I remember someone suggesting a modification too, but perhaps it didn't quite hit the spot, otherwise *surely* I would have remembered it ;-)


  2. Great idea, they look smart and effective.


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