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Monday, September 5, 2016

Decorative Buildings

We went to the furniture store yesterday to pick up a new chest of drawers, and wouldn't you know it but they had some decorations in that looked quite passable for buildings.

15mm with church.

1/72 with house / store.

28mm fantasy with house.

I picked up three packs, and at $5 for the above three buildings each I thought they were a bargain!


  1. I have some similar ones I got remaindered in a hardware store post Christmas. They paint up really well. I use them for 20mm Marlburian games.

  2. It is always great to score stuff like this. I look all the time but rarely find anything. 15 years ago at some markets I found a bunch of Jewelry boxes perfect for 1/72 WW2-era houses. I use them in my games all the time, as recently as last week.

  3. Thanks all! Have to paint up a few more 1/72 ACW figures as an excuse to get them on the table :)

  4. Whatever inspires the imagination is good. BB

  5. What was the name of the furniture store where you found these buildings? I'm down in Nagasaki so I'm hoping I can find the same store.

    1. Hi Tony, it was netori (sorry, can't post katakana on this!)

      Cheers. How is Nagasaki treating you?



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