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Friday, November 13, 2015

Guilty Pleasures: Warhammer Lot (2)

Further to the last post, this is the other Warhammer lot that arrived today, both are from the same guy.

It includes archers, partly painted.

 More archers, with extra sprues as well. About 30 all told.

Orc warrior types.

Another lot of the same.

More warriors yet to be assembled, plus some command chaps. About 85 warrior types.

An unnassembled pack of more warrior types.

Shields, bases and so on.

So the upshot is that when combined with what I had already in the cupboard, I now have pretty much all I need for an Orc/Goblin army. Will it ever get painted? I'm not too sure, but it's there now, so you never know!


  1. Replies
    1. Cheers Fran. Should be a good project for a rainy day or two...

  2. Nice! Painting anything is a pain in the butt, but if you have fun with it, it won't be as bad. So says the painting machine from across the Pacific and almost a whole Contienent (who wishes he had a majic brush!).


    1. Hahaha, yes - a magic brush would be just the thing!

  3. Oh no. I see where this is going. You are turning into a fanboy aren't you Aaron. :D

    1. Hahaha, bit late for that John ;-) WHFB as I knew it has gone!


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