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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Guilty Pleasures: Warhammer Lot (1)

Readers who have had the dubious distinction of following this blog for a while may know that my first organised wargaming was with Warhammer 3rd Edition, and that I have periodically felt a whimsical nostalgia for that carefree time, when using someone else's figures in someone else's spare room made me an enthusiast, not a sad loser. As it so happens, a chance came up recently to put some nostalgia on the shelves, as it were; just as I was saying to myself 'What on earth am I thinking? I'm never going to pai...' I put that thought aside and bought them.

Phew, that was close; reason almost prevailed!

Anyway, here's the first lot:

Armoured Orcs of some kind, with a Goblin standard bearer. Metal, and proud of it.

Some boar riders. There seem to be 10 boars and riders in one set, plus another couple of command figures. Altogether there are 16 boars and about the same number of riders of various types. Boar riders were the glamour unit in our first few battles, so it would be great to get these into fighting trim. They are in pretty good nick. There are a few porcine tails missing, but I think we can get away with that. The mounts are plastic but the riders are all lead.

Two Orc chariots, and mostly painted, too. They don't sit flat, but why should they? They're Orcs, after all. These are plastic.

Some extra riders and chariot attendants.

A few bits and pieces in the spares bags. Probably another boar and rider plus some decorations if needed.

Finally, there's a Wyvern in box, and another kind of Orc character on a boar.

Not a bad score, and there's another lot to go yet...


  1. Hahaha! Welcome back to the addiction;) One can never have enough Orcs! I played the fantasy a bit back myself. I had Night Goblin's, Lizardmen, and my son had Vampire Counts or something like that. All gone now, but being back into 40K and the new GW rules out for Fantasy one never knows where it might lead me. Have fun with it bro!


  2. I've not seen those boxes in years! Almost came close once myself to taking the plunge. Then I discovered Ral Partha 15mm Battle System. I have a fair few of those. But I guess you've "re-plunged" then? Or finally taking the plunge? I'm just not sure which! ;)


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