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Prufrock's Wargaming Blog

Friday, September 25, 2015

The week that was

We had a few days off work this week ('Silver Week') as it's called over here and I'd hoped to get a bit of painting and gaming done.

Unfortunately, none of that eventuated, but it was a good week nonetheless.

Last Saturday we closed our ESL school to get along to the sports day at the local kindy, in which two of our kids featured prominently. Besides watching them race around, sing songs and what not, dad even drew the short straw to engage in a spot of public dancing. All good fun, but that video will remain private, needless to say!

We then had Sunday to Wednesday off, and that was mostly spent taking the kids to the park (our middle child is just earning to ride a bike) and for us adults watching movies, parking up to view Rugby World Cup games, or having a glass of something tasty.

Working 7am to 9pm most days I don't get a lot of time with the kids - nor with my wife - so it has been nice to have had a few days and a few occasions to enjoy together.

Anyway, we're back into work again now, but I'll try to get some painting in as a wind-down activity, and perhaps even while I'm watching the rugby. I now have a couple of portable tables for this very purpose, so as long as the light's good (and I'm not getting too agitated by the crap refereeing!) we should be on!

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