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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Work in progress - Samnite horse

As a bit of a break from Gauls I've decided to make a start on the small Samnite contingent I need to do to be able to put on Sentinum with Lost Battles.

These horsemen are a real mixed bag: 8 Old Glory Samnite cavalry, 7 Strategia Nova (ex Strategia e Tattica) Samnites, 3 Strategia Nova Romans and - to further make up numbers - a Thracian cavalryman with his helmet trimmed down.

The Old Glory figures didn't come with shields, so I made some up with a plastic folder cover and a hole punch.  Crude, but if I don't mention it on the blog no one need be any the wiser... 

Anyway, these chaps will make 2 units of 9 and a commander.  They are nowhere near finished yet, but it's a nice change of pace after the recent Gallic frenzy!


  1. And you've cunningly photographed them from the other side, so if you'd have stayed mum, we wouldn't have noticed even with the photos in front of us :-)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Cyrus! Have done with them now, so next step is the foot...


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