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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Could use some chariots? They're yours!

I have three painted Gallic chariots in a state of disrepair that I got many moons ago as part of an ebay deal.  The rest of the Gauls were touched up and sent on, but I didn't do anything with the chariots. 

As I face facts, I never will do anything with them, so the choices I have are to turf them or give them away.

The old heart rebels at the thought of callously dumping old and possibly much loved (though not by me!) lead, so if you or anyone you know might like these leave a comment below with some contact details and I'll get in touch for your address. 

Not sure what make they are (Lancashire, perhaps?) but they are 15mm.  One is broken (and the others may well break in transit), but the pieces are all there; they'll just need to be reattached by a suitable method.

If you can give these a good home, they're yours!


  1. The crew members are Irregular (I have a number of them). I imagine the chariots and horses are too but cannot say for sure under the apparently thick paint.

  2. Thanks, Neil. I notice though that you didn't say you wanted them!

  3. I'll take them if the postage is not too high.. I live in Italy. Thank you


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