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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Grail Arrives...

Look what's just come thundering down the pike!

I've been hunting for this for a long time, and I'm going to get a lot of enjoyment out of it.  Many thanks to Tom S - auttiecat on TMP - who hooked me up.


  1. That's a great game. Why did you choose the first edition rather than the revised second edition?

    I have been enjoying your blog.

    As an aside my youngest son is finishing a three year stint teaching English in Japan. He is returning to the states in August.

  2. Hi Jonathan, thanks for dropping by, and for being so complimentary.

    I got the first edition because I haven't been able to find the second edition yet, and I reckon I'll be able to make it work well enough. I have a few other games in the series I can borrow pieces from as needed, and I know the rules reasonably well (he says hopefully!).

    Regarding your son, I guess you'll be pleased to have him back! I hope he's had a great time and didn't get caught up in the Tohoku earthquake at all.


    1. RE: TatC comes up on eBay and Consimworld marketplace quite frequently. BGG is a good place to find copies too.

      RE: Tohoku earthquake. Yes, he did get caught in the earthquake. He teaches in Hitachi, Iberaki and that city did suffer damages, power outages, supply disruptions, etc. and of course a proximity to Fukushima. He made it through the ordeal and will soon be off for grad school.


  3. We're doing Gettysburg in 6mm at the end of the month. Hold me!


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