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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Gauls blooded

With the cavalry and the first third of the infantry now done, it was clearly nearing time to get the Gauls to table.  One of the wargamery mid-term plans I have is to finish off an article and Lost Battles scenario I'm putting together for Slingshot, so I decided to give the nascent scenario a test run last night using a quarter-sized game board.

And wouldn't you know it, but the Gauls came out on top.  They didn't win the battle, but they won the game.

Not bad for their first attempt!

Of course, the second test went the way of the Romans, but that is only to be expected...


  1. Nice looking set up and figures, Aaron. I really need to sign up for Slingshot

  2. Very nice looking battlefield and figures, wish you the best for next battles!

  3. Aaron, some Lost Battles questions. What size is your table? How many DBx stands have you used to represent the units?

  4. Thanks, gents!

    Keith, it's probably easier to explain with a diagram, but I'll give it a crack anyway. Zones are 4 base widths by 3 base widths, so the whole board is 80x50. Should be square rather than rectangular, but I don't really notice it.

    Average troops are one DBx element unless cavalry or lights, in which case they are 2 DBx elements in width to reflect their greater frontage (ie, contribution to the attack limit). Veteran troops are half the width of an average unit, which would be a problem if there was any veteran infantry in this scenario, but as there isn't, it's not :)

    Levy troops are two ranks deep. Commanders and leaders are based separately.

    This board is only a thrown-together one, so it's nothing flash. You could cut down a Woodland scenics cloth to 80x64 and you'd be away, except veteran infantry should really be half a base width wide in this scheme, so you'd have to fudge that.

    I have three differently sized tables, and would normally use my medium table for this battle but don't have enough Gauls finished quite yet.

    Hope that helps!


    1. Thanks Aaron, the table dimensions were hard to tell from the pictures and the size of units looked smaller than your other games.

  5. Beautiful battle lines! Your mention of Slingshot was the last nudge I needed to join...

  6. Go Gauls! How very cool that you'll be published like that!

  7. Nice work on all accounts.

  8. Yeah, nice work there. Smart looking Blog too

  9. Thanks gents, it's quite nice being able to have a small game once in a while :)


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