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Monday, March 25, 2013

Gauls in progress

With the Spanish now out of the way I've decided to get started on my 15mm Gauls.  First up I'm doing the Gallic cavalry, since they were already prepped and ready to go.

I'd undercoated in light gray last year, and have over the last week blocked in the horses, tack and saddles in various shades of brown or black, stained the swords, spearheads, shield bosses and helmets with a black/Future wash, painted the backs of the shields, greened the bases and blocked in hair, beards and flesh with Turner's Grayish Brown.

Next up will be to stain the armour with a Tamiya smoke and black wash.  Then it will be flesh highlights, swords and spears, and time to start on the serious business, the fancy trousers.  I want to do that part right so have been soliciting photos and advice on TMP and will be going though the archives of fellow bloggers for colour and pattern ideas.  If anyone reading this has painted Gauls, I'd love you to comment with a link to some photos of your work so that I can steal from and admire it in equal measure!

I'm going to put together a spreadsheet to post here when I've worked out which colour combinations to use.

So here they are then, the wild Xyston horse (with some QRS cataphracts in the background) in their current state:

And who'd have thought they would so kindly include a 15mm Iggy Pop?


  1. Great start, and I didn't realize that was you at TMP! I'm helot4000 over there. Dang it, I want to paint Gauls again.

    Pru, I've never see the greening of bases before. Is that for texture?

  2. Thanks, gents! Monty - greening of the bases is merely a florid way to describe the applying of green paint to that portion of the metal casting upon which the rest relies to maintain its uprightness ;-)


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