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Saturday, March 30, 2013

1st Brigade, 3rd Infantry on parade

The ground troops for the 1st Brigade for 1977-82 are now finished.  I have the helicopters to do, but everything else is sorted.  I think this may be the only army I can say that I have actually fully completed (I could pretend to say that about my Romans, but we all know you can never have too many Romans...).

One of the M60A1 battalions (actually A3s, but who's checking?).

Two battalions of combat teams in M113s.

Overviews showing an air cav, three tank and two motorised battalions.

These pictures don't include AA or engineers, all the optional models for different years, or the dismounted combat teams.

Am quietly proud of how these guys have turned out, but the major credits must go to Heroics and Ros for producing wonderful models and figures, Luke Ueda-Sarson for making up the army list and ordering the packs for me (you don't find people who'll go out of their way to do that for you every day!), Luke's mate Rhys Batchelor for invaluable painting and organisational advice and Keith McNelly for his Spearhead / Modern Spearhead scenario generation system and general helpfulness.


  1. That is really impressive! Really nice work. I really like the APCs with the dismounted infantry. What are your thoughts on Modern Spearhead? I've ordered the WW2 Spearhead rules this week based on some good blog battle reports i've read. I stopped playing WW2 when me and my opponent ended up chasing each others tanks around a piece of hedgerow (using Rapid Fire) and it was pure comedy...amusing at the time but some sense of dismay with the rules). I want something that has more of a 'command feel' to it and I hope Spearhead will do this.

  2. Thanks, Jason! Re: Modern Spearhead, it's very process-driven, with everything happening in a certain order and lots of dice rolling to see if orders are accepted, air-strikes occur, artillery or rocket barrages take place, electronic warfare missions succeed, etc. I find that a lot of the important action takes place off-board and is reliant on rolling the right dice (if the rocket strikes hit in the right place at the right time, your battalion is toast), so it's not quite as satisfying as the WWII version, in which actual manoeuvre and gunfire seem to play a greater role in the outcome, relatively speaking. So you want to make sure you have good counter-battery capabilities, that you have a good plan to begin with - thereby cutting down on the need for orders changes - that you use your Electronic Warfare missions well and that you get a bit of luck with the dice. It's an engrossing and immersive game, but there's a lot you can't control!

    1. Thanks for your very helpful reply. Modern Spearhead sounds very interesting. I like the thought of being able to implement Electronic Warfare missions and planning (or trying to!) for the unexpected in advance. I can see myself giving Spearhead (WW2) a good playtesting during the Spring and progressing to Modern Spearhead after that. The thought of having some British Army of the Rhine units with Cold War era Chieftain tanks and infantry armed with Milans gets the imagination racing somewhat (for this Cold War Warrior anyway!) :-)

  3. I know what you mean, Jason. Wouldn't mind a BOAR army myself, in fact! Good luck with the project, and please let me know how you get on :)


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