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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pat's photos of our Magnesia games

Pat has very kindly sent me the photos he took of our Magnesia battle.  He has taken a series of close up shots, which I'm very pleased to post here.

Hastati from Magister Militum's Chariot range.  These were some of the first figures I painted, way back in 2005.

Xyston Antigonid phalangites, painted by Fernando in Sri Lanka.

Our Eumenes for the day.  Another Xyston figure, this time painted by myself.

The Antiochus of the day.  Xyston again.

Chariot equites.

Xyston peltasts, again painted by Fernando.

Old Glory Seleucid cataphracts.  I didn't do a very good job painting these and they could do with a touch up.  I do like the figures though; they have a certain air of nastiness about them.

Roman allies from the Strategia e Tattica range.  My new favourite Romans.

Antiochus with his guard of Old Glory xystophoroi.  As you might have gathered, I really like the cavalry of the Old Glory Successor range!

A jumbo from Chariot.

And lastly, the hand of doom...

A big thank you to Pat for these photographs!


  1. nice army.. I am amazed of the work by fernando.. How much did you paied per miniature ?

  2. I like the Seleucid mounted. I'm starting on some myself and looking for inspiration.

  3. @ DT - Fernando charged $1.10 I think, and that included de-flashing the figures and drilling out their hands. I attached the spears & pikes here. There were a couple of communication breakdowns, but that was mostly due to my not quite being sure how things work with a painting commission. Based on my experience, I would recommend them so long as you give them detailed painting instructions and carefully check the photos they send you for any misinterpretatoin of the instructions.

    @ Mark - will look forward to seeing your finised product!



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