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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Painting a DBA army

Well, last night I began my latest project - a series of armies for DBA.  The Anglo-Danes have had their first flesh coat applied, and hopefully some steady work over the next month or so will see this army finished.  The Anglo-Danes are a bit of a test for me as I've never painted an army specifically for DBA before.  If it proves to be a quick and enjoyable process then I might order a few more of them (if the six I have already turn out to be inadequately representative of the period, as I'm sure they will...).

It's good to be painting again after a wee break.


  1. Now your talking my speed, DBA rocks! The armies will so paint up quickly. Great period choice to start in as well. DBA, for me, is more fun when you battle historical armies. Unlike going to tournaments at conventions where your Anglo Danes could end up fighting Aztecs. Something about that is just not right;-) Hope you enjoy the new project.

    Happy Holidays!

  2. Hi Kevin, thanks for dropping by and a very happy New Year to you! Yes, the army is coming along quite well and it's been good fun to paint so far. Long may the fun continue :)


  3. I too really enjoy painting DBA armies, small enough that my attention span lasts, you can crank out an army in no time. Its a slippery slope you will end up with loads.....

    All the best,


  4. Hi Steve, I can see how that might happen :) They do paint up quite quickly, and you get a sense of progress as each element gets finished (or nears completion in my case). You don't get the massed effect from them though, so I feel a bit more pressure to paint them nicely which is probably a good thing as well!

    Look forward to doing a few more :)



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