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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Summer heat

There has been no painting here for the last two months due to the onset of summer, which has been particularly hot and humid so far this year, with even the nights failing to provide a cooling breeze. Paint dries almost as soon as it's mixed, and if taking a production line approach to painting (as I try to do) it can all get a bit frustrating. Still, I have not been entirely idle. Here's what I've been up to:

* Playing a VASSAL game of A Victory Denied (see the occasional post here).

* Browsing rules & picking up models for WWII in the air in 1/100 scale. The plan is eventually to put on a game day for newbies.

* Ordering DBA armies from Essex. I'm not really a DBA player, but their 3-for-2 special seemed to be a good way to try out Essex figures (which I've not used before), start off a new period, and also give DBA a bit of attention... Who am I kidding: I never could resist figures at bargain rates.

* Playing around with some ideas for a card game. Not strictly wargaming, but there you go...

* Familiarising myself with the rules to Grant Takes Command, a game in the Great Campaigns of the American Civil War series that I hope will be our next VASSAL outing.

* Picking up bits and pieces to use for terrain and turn into markers.

So, there we have it. Summer break is coming up soon (we have a week off) and an old friend is coming over from NZ to visit. I think there will be a few laughs, plenty of beer consumed, and things wargaming forgotten for a while!

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