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Monday, April 1, 2024

Easter activities

Well, the Society of Ancients Battle Day has come and gone, and I didn't get to do an Ilipa refight after all. With SP busy with work and my not having cultivated enough other interested parties we will have to do it belatedly.

I did get to take the family over the Takaka Hill to Golden Bay for a couple of nights though, which was a great success. We stayed with my aunt and her partner, who was born in America and is an American Civil War buff. As I knew of his ACW interest I put a copy of Battlecry in the car, and on the second night asked if he wanted to try a game. He did. It turns out that he used to own a couple of America Heritage games in his younger days.

He took to the game quite quickly, and we got through two scenarios in about four hours.

I have a couple of copies of Battlecry (one given to me by Pat Hirtle; another that came with some other games I bought from a fellow online), so I have given him the one I took over.

Hopefully he enjoys it, and we might be able to get a game or two in when he's over this side of the hill on business. 

Hope Easter has been restful for you all!


  1. Adding a potential opponent into the CC fold is a success, Aaron! Very nice to give him a spare copy of the game.

  2. Sounds awesome Aaron. Glad to hear your having fun with family.


  3. Thanks gents, always nice to be able to offer an invitation to join the wargaming fraternity!


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