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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

New arrivals

A couple of weeks ago I saw a post by David of Splintered Light Miniatures (in this instance however in a private capacity) selling off some figures on behalf of a wargaming friend in poor health. He had a couple of lots for sale and one lot seemed to have some Italians in it, so I dropped him a line asking if they were available. It turns out they were, and so he sent them my way.

I was expecting to be able to put a couple of units of Italians together to flesh out my armies for Lost Battles, but I got a bit more than I bargained for.

This is what turned up: five baggies chocker blog with figures. I was expecting half this much.

After a quick sort through, there are some nicely painted horse archers:

About 80 Italian foot (Donnington, I think) which will be very useful:

20-odd Italian horse (some Essex, perhaps some Donnington too) which, again, will be very useful:

40-odd Essex phalangites which will join my Successor armies. They're suffering a bit from bendy-pike syndrome, but nothing's broken, and they have lovely patterned shields:

...and various other useful bits and pieces:

A spot of TLC and and a brush with my dip mix and they will be good to go.

I'm very pleasantly surprised by these, and have asked David to tell his friend that these will get a lot of use in their new home.


  1. The animation on the horse archers is lovely

  2. I love loot posts. Hope the original owner is doing better.

  3. Great looking goodies. It is always great to get a nice surprize.

    Cheers, Ross

  4. A lot of useful stuff, Aaron! Like FMB, I enjoy loot posts too.

  5. A great addition to your collection! I'm sure you'll have them drilled and battle ready in no time!

  6. Thanks, gentlemen. They will have to wait for a little while though, as I'll be away for a couple of weeks!


  7. Quite a nice haul, Aaaron. I look forward to their appearance on the tabletop!


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