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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

"We love to share"

I was just reading through my facebook feed this morning and saw this comment from Chris S, a member of one of the wargaming groups there:

I think the best thing about being new to wargaming is that there are so many of us around that did not have anybody to teach us so we had to learn on our own and we love to share.

It struck me as being an excellent observation, and certainly true to my experience. While a lot of wargaming is solitary (army research, painting, rules learning, solo play, etc) Looking back over my wargaming history, there are a few landmark 'shares' which really set the course I've followed.

1) The library and its copies of books by Don Featherstone, Charles Grant, Peter Young.

2) My school friends. We would swap toy soldiers, give each other things we didn't want any more and generally pool resources. Our play wasn't formal gaming at all, but it planted the seed.

3) My mate's brother. He had Warhammer Fantasy Battles 3rd edition, figures, and a table. These he shared. That hardback book was passed out so many times it's probably just tattered paper by now, if it still exists at all.

4) TMPers, BGGers and yahoo groupers. Back when I came into the hobby of my own volition The Miniatures Page, Boardgamegeek and various yahoo groups were brilliant places. So much advice given on painting, figures, games, rules and ways to approach wargaming. I owe a great debt to those people, some of whom I still have as email, blogging, or VASSAL buddies.

5) Luke Ueda-Sarson. Can't say enough about Luke. Luke was one of the first people I met face-to-face in wargaming, and we've been gaming buddies for over ten years now. He showed me on the first day we met how a base was flocked and how good a big army looked, and has shared so much knowledge over the years that I don't know where to start in recounting it. He has basically been the model (in miniatures gaming at least) for my approach.

6) Pat Hirtle and Andrea Tosti. What Luke has been for miniatures, Pat and Andrea have been for board wargaming. Can't offer much higher praise than that, really!

7) Bloggers. Such a lot of good information, inspirational material, and encouragement around.

I'm sure we've all benefited in some way from other hobbiests sharing their knowledge, advice, time and toys with us. The attitude of helping others and sharing what we know is one of the things about wargaming that I value most. Long may that continue!


  1. Aaron, it seems the very essence of this sharing and friendly aspect that makes the 'Blogosphere' such a creative and pleasant internet environment to roam around in.

  2. Blogging has certainly greatly increased my enjoyment of the hobby, even if it sometimes cuts into time for other hobby activities!

  3. Blogging and the blokes who take the time to post youtube videos on how to and stuff. Lot's of great content shared. When I was a wee lad you were lucky to bump into anyone and if you did it was quite by accident. When I was a kid, no such thing as cellphones. So when you were lucky to get a ride to the local hobby shop, you had to look on their bulletin board for phone numbers etc.


  4. Certainly a bit of a golden time for wargamers to crawl out of the woodwork!


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