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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Terrain workings

After being less than impressed with my own table last week I decided it was time to get some terrain organised. I'm not really very good at making terrain, but I wanted something to pass for a camp, something else I could use as a suitable enclosure for a Celtic or Dark Age village, and something that might do for a pond or small lake.

Village enclosure:

First up, cut a stick mat used for rolling sushi into two 2 cm width lengths and affix to an 80 x 80  base. Use white glue and sand to texture the base.

Spray with gray primer to help the glue hold better.

Brush on some old craft paint in burnt umber.

Dry brush with buff.

Flock to taste.

Think about getting some better houses!

(Roman) Camp

100 yen shop bricks glued together and onto a base.

Texture base, prime gray, and then paint tents darker gray using brush.

Apply burnt umber, then dry brush the tents lighter using various grays and off whites.

Prepare to flock.

Pond (so far).

Cut out shape. Glue on small stones pond.

Add sand. Paint bottom of pond green. Burnt umber elsewhere.

Flocking and water effect still to come...


  1. Creative and excellent job, very clever...

  2. These look good and clever use of base materials.

    Always jealous of people making their own terrain. I believe I could quite get into making terrain, but seem to just play a game instead :-)

  3. Nicely done. I think every now and then you just have to go on a terrain blitz. 80 x 80 is a really useful size.

  4. Nice building projects!

    It is tough to turn attention away from cranking out armies to building terrain, for me anyway. I ought to follow your lead.

  5. Good looking stuff. It's always good to add to terrain as it is a visual hobby.

  6. Boy are your kids going to be mad after they see what you did with their blocks!

    Very nice and effective by the way:)


  7. Thanks all! Always seems like a waste to make terrain when you could be painting figures, but hopefully it will make a bit of a difference come game time...


  8. These are all looking great. Although I too often begrudge time spent on terrain, the truth is you'll probably use it far more than the results of an equivalent amount of time spent painting a unit or two.

  9. I'm alwasy interested to see comments on building terrain as a neccessary evil, rather than an esential part of the game. We spend sizable amounts of money and time buying and painting our armies, then play on tatty felt.

    1. I know, but it does seem to take a mental shift, for some reason!


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