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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Crossfire with the boy

I set up a table to relearn the Crossfire rules the other night and while doing so I had a visit from the boy wanting to join in.

He played through a few activations, killed four of my US squads, and then left!

Looking from my position.

The boy's nasty machine gunners.

Some kind of filter that the new camera mysteriously added to the GIs!
I think I've got back up to speed with the rules, anyway. I really need to scrape together some better terrain though, and to finish painting the 1/700 buildings.


  1. Very nice! I've piqued my 8-year old's interest with some 28mm steampunk minis. I cobbled together some very simple rules that keep the action moving right along so he doesn't have a chance to get bored. Keeping their attention is paramount. I'll have to put them back on the tabletop again this evening.

  2. Nice to hear about the boy playing with you but then killing your troops and leaving.....funny!

  3. Do you happen to play "Command Decision"? I got a couple of the books accidentally put in my used copy of Red Storm Rising and was surprised to find them. These are the National Organization Charts and a campaign book called Stolberg Corridor Campaign Rules. Let me know if interested! Free to a good home.

    1. Very kind of you to offer, Brad. I'll check whether I have them already or not!


    2. Hey no problem! I looked these over a bit and you could easily adapt them to any kind of WW2 minis game.


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