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Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Samnites. These guys have been a long time coming. They started out as some Strategia e Tattica figures I grabbed to make a unit or two for Sentinum, but after thinking that two units is a sad lot I ordered more from Old Glory to fill them out into a decent host.

Although I usually like the figures of both companies, for some reason these packs just rubbed me the wrong way. The Old Glories have an odd 'hoplite, forward!' pose where our man is head down, shield off to the side, and bursting forward eagerly. Naturally, his is the dominant pose in the pack.

Both sets are clumsily sculpted (or at least come out of the moulds in that way) and the greaves in particular are tricky to do without missing some bit you have to go back to later to touch up.

So, a bits and pieces mob, and a bits and pieces paint job. I've had these in some stage of go for about two years, and each time I opened the box and did a little bit I would get severely brassed off and then leave them.

There were also issues with colour choice and shield decoration policy that I couldn't quite settle.

They were like a stone in my shoe.

But I finally decided to fix them up, give them the dip, and just finish them, no matter how bad they looked. So here they are.

I'll do a proper shot after they are flocked, but this is my little celebratory signal to self that, to paraphrase Sir Edmund Hillary, we knocked the b******s off.



  1. Beautiful and impressive Samnites!

  2. Don't I know that feeling, well done sir getting out the ole brass knuckles and punching these out (see what I did there;)).


  3. Very nice, Aaron. Looks like some of them have wicker shields?

  4. Aaron, what Italian allies would you use if you were doing this again? I ask as I'm looking for a few figures to match Essex Polybians.

    1. Hi Keith, I don't use Italian allies really; these will be used with Gauls for Sentinum and possibly for my Carthaginians or Pyrrhus in Italy.

      That said, If I wanted Italians or Latins I'd probably consider Donnington -

      I have a few of the Magister Militum (Chariot) figures. They are not bad but the poses are pretty limited.

      Xyston are probably too big to go easily with Essex. The new War and Empire figures might be OK, but I haven't seen them in hand to be sure.

  5. Thanks for the kind comments, all! Much appreciated.


  6. Very nice Aaron! I like the mix of shields.

    1. Thanks Simon. Not perfect but they'll have to do :)


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