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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

New Tubes

You know you're becoming a little odd when you get excited about tubes of paint... 

It's been some time since I popped into town for anything hobby related, and I was starting to worry that my favourite paint shop might have closed down. Having a free afternoon today gave me a good opportunity to go in and see what the story was. Thankfully, all was well: this is one local place that hasn't yet fallen victim to competition from Amazon and other online retailers. Let's hope it continues that way!

After a most enjoyable wee browse I grabbed a replacement Burnt Umber and some new tubes to go with it: a Carmine, a Gold, a tasty looking Mustard, and a Raw Sienna.

The Turner Acryl Gouache line has really improved my painting and painting output. They cover well (but you need to be a little careful not to put them on too thick) and are much less prone to the humidity-induced gloopiness that afflicts the modellers' paints from Tamiya and Mr. Hobby.

Used on a wet palette they are a real treat, and I can now paint here all year round. The only real problem is the whites don't last very well, so if anyone knows a good white, I'm in the market!

Anyway, I'm looking forward - perhaps more than is entirely healthy in a grown man - to getting to know these new colours tonight.

A bit of music, a glass of something good, the lights up high; you never know what might happen...


  1. I guess the answer is if you cannot compete with the opposition on E Bay,or Amazon then best join them and set up shop on line. Build up good feedback___ Sell and survive! BB

  2. Dont ask me how but i randomnly click around the web looking at different sources as I aminto Napoleanics 28mm .But anyway .Do you know of Vallejo #820 Flat white ? Could be your answer for the white your after ? I just recently bought a few of the range from " The Combat " The ball is in your court


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